2018 Race Information

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PWC Classes
Junior: Stand up (10-12&13-15), Sport Stock, Spark Box Stock
Ski: Stock 2 Stroke, Stock 4 Stroke, GP 
Runabout: NA, Stock, Amateur SS, Pro/Am GP
Sport: Stock, GP 
Iroc: Stock, GP (Spark, EX) 
Racer Classes
Amateur: This class includes both Novice and early Expert level racers. 
Pro/AM: Experienced Novice, Experienced Expert and Pro level racers. 
NOTE: Expert card holders. The staff will determine what class you will be placed. We do not want to see any “sandbaggers” staying in the Amateur class just so they can get an easy win. We will move you up. Also that being said, a racer needs to earn competing in the Pro/Am class. Since both levels will be on the same line in some cases it will be easy to determine if you are in the proper class so please sign up in the proper class. 

Beginners will run with the stock class of their PWC regardless of the craft level.  If there are any Beginners that are not comfortable being on the same line as other classes we will address this on an individual basis. 

Rider Meeting
Rider meeting is mandatory. There will be a roll call. If you are not present at roll call but do show up by the start of the meeting. First time warning, Second time first moto penalty. You will miss the first moto. Third you will not race that day. 
If you completely miss the riders meeting, you skip the warning and go directly to second infraction of miss the first moto. 
The meeting is the time to ask the questions. We will review the track and introduce everyone to the staff for that event. 

The practice sessions will be 5 minutes each. The first 3 laps will be following the course marshal then open practice the remaining time. The groups will follow immediately as the last racer crosses the finish line. Everyone in the next practice be at the starting line prior to the end of the previous group. The order of practice will be as follows.
Junior Stand Up
Stand up
Sport, IROC
Junior Sport/Spark
** THIS IS PRACTICE NOT A RACE** Racers riding aggressive of unsafe will be reprimanded. 

Each moto will be 6 minutes plus one lap. Motos will start every 10 minutes as long as there are no reasons beyond our control to delay. 
There will be no red flag starts due to a band jump. If a racer jumps the band, the course marshal and tower will point to you with the red flag and you will have to take the make up buoy. 

We will have a joker buoy this year at all events. This will also be the make up buoy. Each racer will be required to take the joker buoy each moto. If you do not you will be penalized but getting a last place plus an additional 2 point penalty. If you miss a buoy you will need to take the joker two times. Once as a joker and one as a make up. If you jump the band on the start, and miss a buoy you will have to take the joker three times. This is not only to add for strategy in using the joker but to help keep the motos moving and not need to keep red flagging starts. We are doing this to ensure the most efficient use of time and give you all the maximum amount of water time. 

The order of the motos are as follows
Ski Stock (2 and 4 stroke) Am and Pro/Am
Jr Ski 11-12, 13-15
Sport, IROC Stock AM and Pro/Am
RA Stock (NA, Supercharged) Am and Pro/Am
Jr sport/spark
Ski GP Amateur and Pro/Am
Sport, IROC GP Amateur and Pro/Am
RA Amateur Superstock and Pro/Am GP 
Freestyle Amateur and Pro/Am

Please be ready when your race is “on deck.” Once the previous moto starts you should safely make your way to the starting line. You will have a warning when the 6 minute limit hits because we will blast an air horn. When the leader gets to the starting line after the horn that will be the white flag lap. That means if you are not already at the start line you need to get there ASAP with your holders. We will not hold up waiting for holders are someone running late. 2 Minute hold comes out of the race time so for the courtesy of all the racers in that moto please be ready. 

We will follow the same order as the motos. These will be timed for an overall.  We will NOT be using the band for the starts. We will update on starting procedure as it is decided as the best and most time efficient method. If you jump, which will be the call of the starter, there will be 5 seconds added to your time. All participants for each class will be called to the starting line. If you have callouts for a grudge race notify the starter and those parings will go first. All the others will be chosen at random by the starter.  For Ski and Sport please have your holders with you.


More information coming soon.

Race Schedule
8:00 Rider meeting
9:00 Practice Junior Ski
9:05 Practice Stand up
9:10 Practice Sport
9:15 Practice Jr Sport
9:20 Practice RA
9:30 Moto 1 Ski Stock
9:40 Moto 1 Jr Ski 
9:50 Moto 1 Sport Stock
10:00 Moto 1 RA Stock
10:10 Moto 1 Jr Sport
10:20 Moto 1 Ski GP
10:30 Moto 1 Sport GP
10:40 Moto 1 RA SS/GP
10:50 Freestyle
11:00 Break
11:15 Moto 2 Ski Stock 
11:25 Moto 2 Jr Ski 
11:35 Moto 2 Sport Stock
11:45 Moto 2 RA Stock
11:55 Moto 2 Jr Sport
12:05 Moto 2 Ski GP
12:15 Moto 2 Sport GP
12:25 Moto 2 RA SS/GP
12:35 Freestyle
12:45 break
1:00  Moto 3 Ski Stock
1:10 Moto 3 Jr Ski
1:20 Moto 3 Sport Stock
1:30 Moto 3 RA Stock
1:40 Moto 3  Jr Sport
1:50 Moto 3 Ski GP
2:00 Moto 3 Sport GP
2:10 Moto 3 RA SS/GP
3:00 Slalom. We will follow same class order as the motos. Will continue until sunset. 

No Slalom
Podium announcements will be at 2:30